137 Wednesday Triples

138 Wednesday Triples

165 Sunday Jack Benny

224 Tuesday Masters Doubles

342 Tuesday Doubles

343 Tuesday Doubles

376 Tuesday Money Doubles

471 Saturday 501/Cricket

756 Thursday Cricket Capped 8.5

759 Thursday Cricket Mixed


Vegas Reminder

Just a reminder I need all Vegas sign-ups and money no later than February 28th we only have until March 4th to get the money and sign-ups to NDA

Lisa posted on February 6th, 2018

Start Times and Cost

So league start times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday all start at 7:30pm Saturday starts at 1:00pm Sunday starts at 12:00pm Cost is: 4 person teams is $7.25 per person 3 person teams is $7.50 per person Doubles is $8.75 per person

Lisa posted on January 25th, 2018

Fall Banquet

It’s that time Fall Banquet will be February 24th at CJ’s. Awards will be 12pm food and Blind Draw will start after that. Blind draw is a $10 buy in and open to EVERYONE. CJ’s providing food and adding money to the pot. Hope to see everybody there

Lisa posted on January 21st, 2018